A Doctor of Chiropractic, who meets the New Jersey Chiropractic Board of Examiner's requirements may serve as an approved LCA Clinical Trainer and is an integral part of the LCA licensing process.
This training program will introduce the chiropractor to their responsibilities as a trainer as well as outline the requirements the LCA candidate must meet to successful complete this phase of their education. In addition, it will review the statutes and regulations governing the LCA.
The Clinical Trainer will understand the unique scope of practice that guides the LCA’s clinical conduct with particular attention to the definitions (e.g. direct / indirect supervision, “incident to” the doctors’ services, and delegable/ non-delegable tasks) that make the LCA an important contributor to the care of the patient.
Finally, the Clinical Trainer will be provided with a qualitative evaluation rubric to properly assess the LCA candidates’ attitude, knowledge, and psychomotor skills.
License Approval
State/ Org. Type Approval Code Credits
NJ DC Pending 2
NJ DC † PreApproved 2
† This seminar is valid for CE credits in "pre-approved" states, so long as it falls within the scope of practice as outlined by the corresponding state board. It remains attendees' responsibility to contact the state board(s) from which they seek continuing education credits for purposes of ensuring said board(s) approves both the delivery method and content as they relate to this event.