New Jersey Licensed Chiropractic Assistant
Continuing Education Information

It is best to contact the NJSCB directly, however this is the regulation as we understand it…

An LCA is required to obtain 15 CE credits each licensure period (9/1 – 8/31 odd years):

  • 2 must be in the topic of Ethics/Documentation;
  • 9 hours must be live through classroom or synchronous webinar; however cannot take more than 8 hours in one day;
  • may take up to 6 credits in an asynchronous online format;
  • a live webinar is a real-time, interactive, internet based program & is therefore considered equivalent to a live classroom course in NJS;
  • a new licensee who completed an accredited graduate chiropractic assistant education program within 12 months of the commencement of the biennial registration period is not required to complete the continuing education requirements for the biennial period.

A licensee who completes more than 15 continuing chiropractic education credits may “carry-over” up to three credits to the continuing chiropractic education requirements for the following biennial period only.

It is a 50-minute credit hour – all credits must be applied for and approved by the NJSCB.

The Board will not grant continuing education credit for completion of basic courses required for graduation for training as a licensed chiropractic assistant or for initial licensure. Continuing education credit shall be granted only for courses designed to build upon basic knowledge and/or to bring licensees up-to-date on new developments relating to the practice of chiropractic assistance.

A licensed chiropractic assistant's work shall not include:

  1. Non-clinical administrative work;
  2. Chiropractic adjustment;
  3. Manual therapy;
  4. Nutritional instruction;
  5. Counseling; and
  6. Other therapeutic services or procedures requiring additional licensure.

The full regulations can be found here (starting on page 57):

Contact the New Jersey State Board for Chiropractic at 973-504-6395 if you require additional information.

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