Patient communication is an essential component of the clinician-patient encounter. In part because it facilitates the exchange of vital information, but also it can establish trust that is foundational to the relationship. In addition, through the use of verbal and non-verbal ques it serves as a therapeutic tool, an intervention that has a direct impact on the patient’s clinical outcome. Finally, when a specific communication style, guiding, is incorporated into the exchange the encounter transitions into a wellness consultation which can influence the patient’s health behavior.
Taken together, the three components move the patient through three stages of the healthcare encounter (exchange of information, therapeutic intervention, and health behavior guidance) which can instill within the patient a greater sense of autonomy, control, and empowerment.
The objective of this 2 hr. presentation is to build on the licensed chiropractic assistant’s communication skills by promoting their understanding and the use of an open-ended conversation style that leads the patient to self-reflection and health behavior change.
License Approval
State/ Org. Type Approval Code Credits
NJ LCA Approved 2